The team at Torana Owners Club inc. would like to invite you to join our newly formed Vic Road Approved club. Whether you own a Torana or any other vehicle (car), built between 1950 and 1990, we welcome you to join us.

We at Torana Owners Club inc are not only a great social car club, but we also accommodate club plate cars – be it Toranas or any other makes and models (Ford, Holden, Chrysler etc.).

“The Torana Owners Club inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated car club based in Victoria. Our mission is to promote and facilitate the enjoyment and information sharing of classic cars for the benefit of enthusiasts and their families through events and social activities within an inclusive, safe and respectful environment. This is primarily focused on Holden Toranas but also extends to other makes and models built between 1950 and 1990.”

The Team

President . . . . . Mark Ellis
Vice President . . . . . Craig King
Admin. Secretary . . . . . Andrew Alkemade
Treasurer . . . . . Andy Geinitz
Publicity Officer . . . . . Violet Ellis